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We provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for businesses in the Design and Build industry. We’ve built our services around the most common challenges, growth patterns and pain points we’ve seen–and helped solve for boutique architect firms, contractors and builders, interior designers and real estate stagers . 

You offer 2 main options of how to provide you with the bookkeeping, accounting and tax support your business needs.


The first and most commonly adopted option is Bundle packages, These packages provide your business with a consistent and timely grouping of services that will keep your business on track and up-to-date. The second option is Ad hoc Services- these services are best suited for business owners who have a specific project to undertake such as a cleaning their books for tax time. 

1. Bundle Packages

After our first call, we present fixed-priced bundle options based on a combination of:

Stage of


of Service



For a more detailed explanation on each Bundle Element, click below.

Planting a Tree

The Stages

At which stage is your business?

We can handle it all from a sole proprietorship to a multi-million corporation

Identify your business first.

Working on Laptop

The Services

How exactly do you want us to help your business?


Chose your own experience from our list of common services. Customize your own by clicking here.

Laptop and Diary Topview

The Frequency

How often do you need our core services?





2. Ad Hoc Services

You may need some support for a specific circumstance and may not feel ready to commit.  This is why we offer the Ad Hoc Services listed below. Click the banner to read more about each of these services and have your needs met. 

This service can come in handy if you have questions about previous tax periods. Or if you are thinking of opening a new business or closing the existing business.

$275 per hour

Wondering why you should choose a bookkeeping and accounting firm that works exclusively with Design and Build businesses?




We know it's natural to ask 'how much?

We are all about personal service.  And as such we require a first consultation to get to know you, your goals and current issues.

Demystify your business finances and lead your business with confidence

Click the video below to learn more about the Blossom experience.

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