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5 Reasons to work with an Accounting firm that exclusively supports Interior Designers & Architects

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

You are looking for a new accountant for your Interior Design Studio or Architect Firm. You realize that your business no longer needs:

  • A service that is purely transactional, based on a per hour service or volume of transactions

  • Just year-end bookkeeping. Once a year interactions with your accountant that left you with more questions than answers.

Instead, the new relationship you envision is:

Recurring in Nature: Bookkeeping service on a weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly basis;

Responsive: Regular touch points and provision of financial information;

Proactive: Recurring monthly or quarterly meetings to address your questions and upcoming issues.

Furthermore, you don't think that the last generalist Accountant you engaged had enough background knowledge to hit the ground running. Here are five reasons why working with an accounting firm that works within your #niche can help you achieve your financial goals faster:

1.🍃 Their understanding and focus on your business unique pain points, the nature/complexity of your business, industry issues/trends;

2.🍃 The insight into project-based accounting that can help you maximize returns, understand your bottom line, and how to shift your attention to greater ROÍ (return on investment);

3.🍃A greater ability to ask questions and explore with you how to bring more efficiencies to your studio/firm

4.🍃The app awareness to provide you feedback on the apps you use or want to use. Your accountant should know of and understand the pros and cons of the apps you are using/ want to use.

5.🍃 The gift to lean on the amazing design and build community is the icing on the cake. Your new accounting partner can be a good source for networking.

An Accounting firm that works with your industry can help you ease your pain points, help you guide your attention to increased bottom line, identify efficiencies, bring technology awareness, and access the greater community resources.

At Blossom CPA we service the Interior Designers and Architects #niche exclusively. This was a conscious choice we made approximately 3 years ago. We have developed the competencies and practices to support Interior Designer Studios and Architect Firms.

If you'd like to learn more, click here to contact us.

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Membro desconhecido
04 de abr. de 2023

I won't consider a tax accountant to work for me to support while doing interior designing. Yes, they can help me surely with financial decisions and other for other services like income tax filing and maintain books financial books for my business.



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