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Business Consultation

At which stage is your business?

The Foundation

You’ve given everything––blood, sweat, tears, and money––to build your business, and you might even hire your first employee soon (congrats!).


You’ve realized that you’ll need some strategic guidance to set up the back end of your business, and you’ve been dreading it because you’d rather stay busy with creative energy. You might be talking to yourself (don’t be alarmed, this is normal for new business owners), saying things like:

“Wait, when am I supposed to pay myself?”

“Can’t this wait a little longer? Do I really have to?”

“Is it time to incorporate? And what does that mean, exactly?”


If this sounds like a version of you, let’s talk! We’ll take care of the set-up and help remove initial obstacles that block your brand from flourishing.

The Frame

You’ve been in business for some years and you’ve got a nimble team of employees and contractors. You’re steadily growing, which is fantastic, but the tedious daily tasks are growing as well.


When you notice new regulations you’re overwhelmed, and you cannot bear to shell out for another late fee. You need improved strategies and immediate alleviation. You’ve been saying things like:

“This used to be easy, but I can’t keep up with all these numbers.”

“I can’t tell if it’s the right time to hire a new employee or not.”

“Keeping track of the financials has turned into my full-time job, but it’s not why I’m in this business.”


We completely understand! This is a unique time for your business and it’s so important to have the right financial team behind you, ensuring you stay on track.

The Structure

You’re a well-established business making over $1.5 million in sales. There’s no better way to put this––you’re freaking out.


You need a true partner to help solve a big mess, even if it’s a mess you’re grateful for. With this major situation, you’re looking for a trusted advisor who is willing to roll up their sleeves and get busy cleaning putting your books back in shape. But most importantly, providing solutions by leveraging technology and their expertise to help your business meet its goals and save tax.. You’ve heard yourself say (or yell):

“Is this really happening?!”

“How did we miss this?”

“This is a learning opportunity.”


Take a deep breath and let us handle the chaos. We'd like to uncover and diagnose what they issues are. Let's get to business!

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