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COVID-19 Resources: March 25th, 2020 update

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

The previous Care and Support Benefits that were available to non-EI workers have merged into the new…

Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Who Qualifies?

1. At least 15 years old

2. Resident of Canada

3. $5,000 income in 2019 or last 12 rolling month which include:

  1. employment income (T4)

  2. self-employment income (financial books)

  3. EI benefits such as parental leave benefits-  (cheques or deposits from Government)

  4. provincial benefits (adoption)

4. Had to cease working for reasons related to COVID-19  for AT LEAST 14 consecutive days.5. Attention shareholder-employees and family members who work in Corporation:.  It looks like you may be able to apply to this benefit.

6. Attention workers who are still employed but have less hours scheduled because they have to look after their children. My interpretation is that you may apply for this benefit as well.

How do I Apply?

Applications will be available as of the first week of April 2020 via CRA My Account portal and Via a Toll-Free number that will be made available later on.

You will be applying for any four-week period falling with in March 15, 2020 and ends October 3,2020.

How Much Will I Receive?

Approximately $2,000/ month for up to 16 weeks. These funds are not garnishable – not subject to Bankruptcy or Insolvency Acts


Does your business have a ROE Web account set up?  Service Canada may take a week to validate the account.  They validate the business by mailing a code to your mailing address of record.  In the meantime, your employee can apply for EI (provided that they qualify)  – See newsletter

In the meantime, the employee who is self-quarantining and has more than 600 hours worked can go to

Toll free number 1-833-381-2725  And now you have reviewed your numbers and the Temporary Wage Subsidy is not incentive enough for you to keep payroll running..

For details on this subsidy read Then the following program may be able to help your business.

  1. Working hours can be reduced from 10% to 60% .

  2. Employees must agree to this plan in order to keep their employment.

  3. Note that under this program employees will be topped up with Unemployment Insurance.

  4. This program may last up to 76 weeks and may be amended (reduced in length)

Check it Out here:

LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. This social distancing is kinda hard… so I thought it’d be great to have a LIVE over on Instagram @blossomcpa tonight Thursday March 26th at 8pm. Hope over to Instagram, let’s connect. I’m sure it’ll be so informative as others ask questions and we start a conversation about what matters to you our dear business owner friend.

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