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How to select the right software for your business

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We are constantly looking for ways to optimize our workflows and ensure that we have visibility, coordination & organization at every step of our processes. Before you consider a brand-new app to be added to your workflow, we’d like you to evaluate this idea first.

Technology vs Human skills: Is a particular piece of technology right for your business size and characteristics, but your staff might be not skilled, adept, or knowledgeable enough to manage this technology? There may be instances where the technology does fit your business needs but it may be managed incorrectly. Doing a “reset” with this technology could be all you need to move forward. Now, maintaining and making the most of this technology will depend on human input. When possible, outsource this task to the pros! And if it’s not in the budget ensure that you get the proper/professional training for the tasks to be managed internally with some pro support when required.

Should you have determined that the technology you are currently using is not the right fit, consider the following:

1. Gaps: what are the issues or gaps we are trying to solve. No point in getting a bright shiny technology that does a whole bunch of other things well but doesn’t fix the gaps you identified in the first place.

2. Innovation: How innovative is this piece of technology. Ask, what are your latest upgrades? What’s on the horizon? This will help you to understand if this is a technology that your business can grow along with.

3. Integration: Is the technology an island in the world of apps, or does it integrate with other apps that I currently use or think of using? You’ll benefit greatly from the integrations saving time and effort.

4. Customer Service: What are the customer service and support expectations like? Is there formal training to get on board? Do they have a chat line only or do they hold video meetings/screen sharing when required? This may not be as important if you outsource the management of this technology.

Lastly, make a list of must-haves, book demos, and a free trial if possible. Whenever possible, work with accountants who are already certified or trained in the software of your choice. Oftentimes, the software support can provide you shortlist of Accounting firms or Accountants in your area who are already well versed in their software.

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