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Do not lose access to your CRA My Account (for Individuals)! Changes in effect.

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

CRA is changing how CRA communicates with individual taxpayers. As of February 7, 2022, all My Account users (CRA Online account for Individuals) will need to have an email address on file with the CRA to help protect their online accounts from fraudulent activity. If you do not currently have an email address on file, you will be prompted to provide one when you sign in.

Tip: Ensure that your email address on file is one that you are currently using!

This is an additional security measure to protect taxpayers’ personal information. When the changes are made, taxpayers will be prompted for their email address upon logging in to MyA if there is not one already on file. If an email address is not provided, the taxpayer will lose their access to MyA. The CRA is suggesting that taxpayers provide their email addresses before February to avoid delays.

Also, note that starting February 2022, all users (including taxpayers who provided their email addresses before February 2022) will be given the option to receive CRA correspondence by mail or email notification by logging into their MyA and selecting their preferred option.

If you need to update your email address all you need to do is: Log in to your CRA My Account for Individuals. In the top banner, click on Personal Profile.

Scroll down to find the section named Notification Preferences and click on Manage

By following these steps, you will not lose access to your CRA My Account - for individuals. If you have any issues make sure to contact CRA at 1-800-959-8281 to unlock your account.

Finally, the CRA has confirmed that mandatory email addresses in My Business Account and Represent a Client are not required at this time.


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