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How to Protect your CRA Account from cyber-attacks

There was adigital storm” brewing in CRA headquarters over this past weekend as CRA shutdown Services Due To Cyber Attack

Link: The first cyber-attack took place on August 7th. There were several attacks thereafter. Individual CRA accounts were targeted where the hackers would either apply for CERB or re-direct CERB applications to a different bank account. CRA is contacting affected users by sending them letters regarding the attack. For your peace of mind, you should access your CRA My Individual account and ensure that your banking information is yours. Check whether a CERB application has been made on your behalf. And lastly, changing your password is always a good idea. In light of this, I thought it was pertinent to talk about becoming more digitally savvy. I know that creating a safe password is hard. It's harder to create a completely different and hard-to-guess password for different accounts. It's even more difficult to remember them all when you need to use them. This is where Password Managers come in handy. These are some of the most valuable features in (most) password managers:

  • Generate safe passwords, so you don't have to;

  • Store them all for you so you only have to remember the only one password that logs you into your password manager of choice;

  • Allow you to download the app across all your devices and even set up a family plan;

  • Should they be hacked, hackers would only get encrypted information of all your passwords and not the passwords themselves;

  • Save more than passwords, you can save credit card information, take secure notes and more;

  • Notify you if any of the websites you have accounts in have been breached so you can readily change your password.

To get a full list of the best password managers for you and your business I recommend you read this article from W I R E D The Best Password Managers to Secure your Digital Life


If you need help with this topic or anything related to dealing with the CRA for your business matters connect with us by filling out the Contact Us Form.


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