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COVID-19 Resources: March 18th, 2020 update

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Today we received more information that will impact those who do NOT collect Employment Insurance and business owners like yourself. Here two measures that may impact you directly. and positively.

The Emergency Care Benefit

Who Qualifies?

1. Canadian workers including self-employed 2. Canadian workers including self-employed who are taking care of family member with COVID-19 3.  Parents who are unable to earn income as they are caring for children

How do I Apply?

Applications will be available as of April 2020 via CRA My Account portal and Via a Toll-Free number that will be made available later on. This measure is in effect from March 15,2020 forward.

Note that you will have to re-confirm your eligibility every two weeks.

How Much Will I Receive?

A maximum of $900/ biweekly for the next 15 weeks.

L      I      Q      U     I     D     I     T     Y 

With measures like the one above the government is hoping that the average Canadian can have enough money to pay for their essentials.

In the case of  your small business, you need to look at how much money  you need to weather the storm while business is not “as usual”.  This take us to the next government measure….

Temporary Wage Subsidy

You have determined that you can afford to have your staff working during these “unusual times”.  The government  had decided to provide employers a subsidy to keep payroll running.

What businesses qualify?

Corporations eligible for the Small Business Deduction (Net Income below $500K)

How much is this subsidy?

10% of the remuneration paid – with a maximum of $1,375/employee  and $25,000/employer

For how long?

For the next 3 months. This measure is effective immediately.

The information presented here is constantly changing and we will update as we confirm.  I have selected those topics that I found most relevant for you as a business owner.

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