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2023 Canadian Tax Deadlines

Put these dates on your phone or calendar app of your choice. Preparation is key. Sole Proprietorship in 2022: The filing deadline is Thursday June 15th. Taxes owing must be sent by Monday, May 1st to avoid interest accruing. If you have no idea about how much you should be sending talk to your tax preparer. Tax Instalments may be requested - if your taxes due are above $3,000 for 2022 - CRA recommends sending quarterly instalments on March 15th, June 15th, September 15th and December 15th 🍃Tip: The tax due and filing deadline applies to common-laws or spouses of owners of sole proprietorships as well.

COVID-19 Repayments before January 1st : If a taxpayer repaid some or all their COVID-19 benefits the taxpayer can claim a deduction. To read more click here. Corporation Shareholders in 2022: The filing deadline and payment deadline is Monday, May 1st. 🍃Tip: If you had a Sole Proprietorship and became a corporation shareholder during 2022 - the sole proprietorship deadlines apply. Applicable to all taxpayers:

  • Send your tax due by Friday, April 28th when using online banking. This will ensure that CRA receives your funds by Monday, May 1st.

RRSP Contribution Deadline: To have your 2022 taxes reduced and save toward retirement you have until Monday March 1st.

Not sure where to star this tax season? Organize yourself for this 2023 tax season by following these handy tips click here.

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